Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is indeed tricky business; I’ve never been too good at large-scale washes—not that this is large scale per se, but it’s more than I usually do with blending hues, and I’m real uncomfortable with it. (Perhaps I just never learned to do it ‘properly.’) I keep telling myself that it doesn’t have to look exactly like the photo—it’s the feel of it that I want. That is, after all, the reason I chose it. So, here are the first two steps: the drawing and the wash. (The sky wash is a little further along than I usually do at this stage, but it should be worked while it’s all wet.)
At this point, the hardest part is overcoming that angsty feeling that this is going to really suck—that I’ve taken on more than I can do well. I'm not happy with it, but if I overwork the sky at this point, I'll completely botch it. (No perfectionism there!) Of course, I’ll stifle that junk and forge ahead, ‘cause, well, I’ve posted it—and then there’s that wasting paper thing…I’d rather flop than waste a perfectly good sheet of paper. Besides, if it turns out poorly, then you’ll get to see both ends of my artistic spectrum.


  1. Sounds like a challenge. Good to stretch outside the boundries of your comfort zone once in a while :)

  2. You sure are right about that! So, I'm just going to give it my best shot. doesn't have to be doesn't have to be doesn't have to be perfect...


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