Thursday, February 11, 2010

Every Single Shingle

You might think that painting old, worn cedar shakes might be less intense than painting a cobalt pitcher—I know I did—but the more I work on this the more I realize how much detail is in each shingle. Granted, it’s not the same kind of intense, because there’s a lot more leeway in representing wood.

I know that the traditional watercolorist probably wouldn’t insist on all that detail, but what can I say? I’ve never claimed to be a traditionalist…
…and, by the way, this painting is 6” x 10”


  1. I can see where the shingles would be a challenge, every piece of wood is unique. I had envisioned the piece as larger!

  2. Deb,
    When I work much larger than this, it makes me a little crazy--in fact, most of my paintings are fairly small. The perk is that they take up less wall space, which is a precious commodity when there are two artist in the house!

  3. And I'm glad you're not a traditionalist. That's why I LOVE your work! This is beautiful already.

  4. Thanks, Michelle. Nice words make me want to paint more :)


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