Sunday, January 1, 2012

Marlena: Complete

...and here's Marlena finished, in all her innocence and exotic beauty. To accompany her is a  a small excerpt from UNCHARTED, when Samuel the shipwright gets his first glimpse of Marlena:

I doubt I would have noticed her at all, except she planted herself right in that place where the sun shot through that hole in the roof, which wouldn’t get fixed for a month. No one had seen the sun for two weeks, but in that moment, it split the clouds, thrust a shard through that narrow fissure, and reflected off every hovering dust particle surrounding her. Filaments of wild curls circled her head like a halo. Even her skirt radiated. I hate to sound like a spiritualist, or worse yet, a romantic, but at first glance, she seemed like an apparition. If not for her quirky suitcase, the size of a tackle box, I might have dropped to my knees.
Tomorrow, I'll post Pascal Gentil's  image that I worked from...


  1. Absolutely breathtaking! You have such a gift- for words and art alike. Astonishing, I expect her to inhale deeply, open her mouth and speak.

    Love the excerpt too. Thank you for posting, and happy new year!


  2. Beautiful image and words. Enjoyed

  3. Bru, Aw, thanks—funny thing is, she’s quite real to me! All the best to you, too :)

    Anthony, Thanks for stopping in! I’m glad you enjoyed—really…

    Liza, Thank you :)

  4. Sigh, so gorgeous! I'm so excited about this picture, and you know why. :)

  5. Michelle, yes I do know why! Still not sure if Pascal's might be better though--we'll see...

  6. How you create such life and warmth on a blank canvass can never be truly explained to me. Those brush strokes and hues (and layers) has presented me with a person I would love to meet. She is real.

    You are extraordinary. (And it was a slick move to not introduce clothing.)

  7. Aw, Jerry, thanks! What else can I say...:)

  8. She's absolutely beautiful. And I like your rendition of her better, honestly.

  9. Thanks Lisa! (been missing you on your blog...hope you're well...)


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