Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Painting in Progress

Time to post another watercolor in progress. This was originally one of my first posts, a second painting in a pair, (the first one has been done for years). I decided to work on something so similar because it had been a long while since I painted at all, and the portrait was freaking me out. Give me some hard lines of a still life—that ought to be easier, I thought. But for whatever reason, I found it immensely tedious and quit. After all, I had a novel begging my attention.

After the size of my last painting, (several times larger than I usually work), this now feels quite manageable at 6”x 6”, less than a quater the size. I’m even having moments when I find myself enjoying it. Besides, it will help me stay distracted while I send out queries for my novel, Story for a Shipwright.
 Here's where I left off:
Once I really get going on it, I'll post the photograph from which I'm working. (It's the writer in me—I don't want to give away the ending too soon!)

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