Saturday, February 6, 2010

WhooHoo! Finished Another!

Okay, this is a pretty big deal for me—I actually finished it in just a few sittings. And, I enjoyed doing it! One thing I don't like is how conspicuous my signature looks. I need to find a more discrete way to sign small paintings; makes me want to wipe it out and do it in a muted color, but I already took the masking tape off (which leaves a sticky film if it's been there for over a year). Oh well, not tonight.

Here’s something even more exciting. I actually have another project in mind. Something brand new and completely different…stay tuned for the entire process…


  1. Something brand new and completely different? Cool!

    I like this painting a lot. I agree that your signature stands out, though. My favorite about this is the color of the blue. It's so alluring!

  2. The next project is 'low intensity,' something much simpler.

    Gotta fix that signature before I scan it.


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