Saturday, February 20, 2010

Put the razor down and back away from the painting...

I quit where I did today, because I started getting that feeling like I want to hack it to tiny irretrievable bits. The eyes and nose and mouth are throwing me a fit, and I don’t even want to talk about the stupid sweater and jeans. So far, the only part I like are the hands…time for a break…
...don't worry, I will finish it...


  1. Yes, step away! Because it's looking lovely. :D

  2. ...No damage...
    ...I had a consultation with husband, Todd (a portrait artist), recieved objectivity and pointers, went back to it later, and it looks better now.

    It's never good when you feel like abandoning your baby (sort of the way I feel about my novel these days...)

  3. Lookin' good Bridget. Quit being so hard on yourself. :)

    And no,no,no, I don't want to hear that kind of talk about SfaS!!

  4. This is nuts,, lol.. I cant wait 'til every morning to see the progress. "amazing",, lol

  5. i meant that in a good way,,, lolo

  6. From you, Glen, I wouldn't take it any other way :)
    I should have something more to post later today, maybe even the photo along with it...that's the scary part...

  7. Deb, I can't help the 'hard on myself' mentality. Don't worry, when I'm done, I'll at least find it tolerable.

    ...and I'm not feeling too hopeful about my novel at this point. Time for a different approach before I send out the next round of queries...


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