Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Toy Boat: Complete

Toy Boat is finished, complete with a string to keep a stiff breeze from taking it to the middle of the lake.
It’s always a little tricky getting the colors to scan and post just right—doesn’t really matter I suppose, every monitor’s color calibration is a little different. Just the same, it's worth mentioning that the hues in this version are much closer to my actual painting.

Perhaps tomorrow I will convert it to gray scale and see how it looks as a ‘black and white’ photo…

...So, can you see any difference between the previous stage and this one? If it didn't have the string attached, would it still look like a 'toy' boat?


  1. I like this version better than the previous one. And I like the string that tells you it's a toy boat. Would I think it was a toy without it? Maybe not. But there are certain hints. For instance, paintings of full size ships don't tend to look down from overhead. And the reflections from the other side of the lake let you know the boat isn't on the sea.

    Great job!

  2. Mary Anne! Hi! Thank You!

    I think your observations on its 'toyness' are on spot, but a quick glance might not provide the correct conclusion without the string. Actually, as it pertains to the story that it's written for, the string is very important...

    Thanks for stopping in!

  3. lol,, i am watching the water wiggle.. unbelievable,, great job...

  4. Thank you Glenn...don't get wet!

  5. It would still look like a toy boat to me, I think, even without the string, but I'm a bit biased especially after talking to you about your story.

    This is just lovely, and I think the b&w version will be just as lovely! The water comes across so nicely.

  6. Michelle, I think the placement in the actual text of the story--if I decide to include it--will clarify it.

    To me it looks like a toy, but then again, I may be a little more familiar with sailboats, than some (i.e. with rigging and such).


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