Friday, March 18, 2011


I just can't seem to get my head into painting these past couple weeks. I don't know, maybe it has something to do with the fact that we are just about to put our house on the market--I mean for real--like we need to be ready to up an move, cross country, really soon...Then again, it could take months and months, but the last time we listed a house in a down market, we had a buyer in a matter of days, and then life took on a rythm of another pace altogether.

So, anyone know of anyone who wants to buy a gentleman's farm and an arsty house?


  1. I have been painfully distracted. I took a week off while I change jobs, and I thought I would get some writing done. Or at least some reading. I have done a lot of nothing and I have one day left!! Ugh... Hope the sale goes well!


  2. Stunning house that gives me insight into you! I always thought I'd live in a home like that...but I don't! Good luck Bridget. If I lived in MI, I'd buy your house in a living minute!

  3. Tara, I think when the brain sees a chance to slack off, it will--especially when we are forcing it to make transitions. I think for those of us given to vicissitudes, it's best not to force some things. That said, I hate not feeling in control, and relate to your frustration...
    ...and thanks, I hope the sale goes well, too. Time will tell...

    Liza, We have really enjoyed living here--especially this past year. It's actually the first time we have lived in a finished house for longer than a few weeks! Just the same, we have also learned that it's merely a place to be. Where we are headed is lovely in its own way.
    I do so hope that someone falls in love with it and wants to fork over some serious dough for it! :)

  4. How could you paint with a distraction like that? But then, maybe this is a good distraction -- new painting subjects.

  5. Jerry, Once we get the house sold, it will be an adventure for sure! New Hampshire--our destination--has a lot to offer aesthetically...still, I can't wait on that; the move could take years!

  6. Good Morning from Hillsdale Bridget!... Winter snuck back... just a little overnight... but robins and sap sounds indicate it will be a temporary stay!

    WOW!... Blow me away with the moving news! After viewing the house album I wonder why? But then deep in my very own heart... "I"... calls out and reminds "Me"... that change is a part of our own journey as well... and that those changes made... though scary and upsetting... led to new knowledge... friends and adventure we could never have imagined from the comfort of the "cozy" ...Now!

    With your heart... gifts and your Soul Mate on board... "You" can set sail for Wherever... and "I" wish you fair winds... safe journey... and many blessings!

    Being creative requires a completely clear mind to encourage the Muse to come out and play. Be patient... "She" loves to play... and needs to... as much as "You"!!

    Thoreau once said:

    It isn't what you look at that's so important, but rather what you "See".

    "I" know that "You" will understand this... as "I" do!

    Good Painting!...Writing!... Planning... and Waiting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Good morning, Bruce!
    Over the years, I've come to expect change! This time, we will be moving 'back' to assist with parents, which I'm looking forward to, despite whatever challenges lay ahead. We will also be returning to many 'old' friends--that handful who have been part of our nucleus for years. And then there are the grandchildren...I guess it's just time for us to finally take on some grown-up responsibilities, lol!

    As far as my creativity goes--I'm simply not going to force it. I feel as if I need my quiet time for contemplation and wrapping my mind around all that needs to take place before the transition. Packing. Getting rid of more stuff. Paperwork. And the list goes on...

    Thanks so much for your good wishes and encouragement, as usual.

  8. It's cause the coyotes have been howling,,,

  9. Real estate stuff has got to be one of the biggest life-disrupter of all time.

    Good luck getting the house sold!

  10. Lydia, it's kinda crazy, but advertising our house feels a little too much like querying...:-|

  11. I see that you are still distracted. Well, da Vince was too....he broke away from painting to design helicopters.

  12. Jerry, it really warms my heart to know that you actually notice when I haven't posted anything. I wish I was distracted with something as lofty as flying machines, but to tell you the truth, I'm just not in the mood to paint. :(

    We are also making preparations for our annual pilgrimage to NH to visit family...and...okay, I'll admit it, I'm in a bit of a slump...but don't worry, I always work my way out of it...

    ...and my poor writing blog is suffering too. I should have you do a guest post and you could write all about all the occupations and projects you've taken on over the years and abandoned (see what I just did there? turned it around and made it all about you, hehehe)

    Seriously, though, thanks for stopping in! :)


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