Friday, March 12, 2010

The Fact of the Matter Is…

Okay, I just can’t stand it any more, with all those lies circulating out there about me. Here’s the truth of the matter:

1) A poor black child? Really? Well, umm, no.
2) Most Likely to Succeed? No way! Not with my mediocre grades. I was, however, voted Most Artistic, along with Gary Rabinowitz, who went on to earn his MFA, while I, well…anyway…
3) Now, really, if we were in the Witness Protection Program, I sure wouldn’t broadcast that—and I would never admit whether it’s true or false. Of course, if I posted someone else's self-portrait and avatar, who would know?—what a great subterfuge...that'd really throw the bad guys off...
4) I was 5’ 8” until the disks between some of my vertebra turned to beef jerky. And I probably wore a size 5 when I was 5. I mean did you get a look at the feet in my self-portrait? Okay, 8½ to 9 isn’t that big.
5) Pratt Institute? In my dreams!
6) Dating the sailboat racer guy… I’m glad that didn’t seem so farfetched, but, alas, it was pure fabrication. I thought I might get away with it because my novel has a nautical theme.
7) My family is simply too under-motivated to do the whole genealogy research thing, but the story handed down is that my great-great grandfather Peter was Swedish royalty (I downplayed him as nobility because it’s unverified, as yet) who fell in love with a commoner. Consequently, they fled to America and settled in Iowa.


  1. That's cool Bridget! You should do some digging one day. It's often easier to find info and pictures of noble or royal ancestors. Warning: Genealogy research is highly addictive - approach with caution :)

  2. Yeah, my sister says I should write a book about it. I say, 'sure--but you do the research!'

  3. What's especially wonderful about your ancestor is that he chose love over power! She must have been awesome.

  4. Woo-hoo! I guessed right (my powers of deduction are on fire).
    And, oh, by the way, my friend, I have left you a little something, too, on my blog. ;)

  5. Sharon: I'm going to asume she was pretty awesome, and I have to admit, it does get my imagination going...

    Michelle: Yes, the 'truth' or even the half-truths.

    Tricia: Uh-oh, what have you done now?
    and yes, you are very wise in the ways of deduction.

    ...and now you all know just a tiny bit more about me :)

  6. well, you should have had a full scholarship to Pratt! You definitely fooled me, except for no. Iowa ancestors were also Scandinavian, but no stories of royalty.

  7. To be honest, Mary Jo, it never even occurred to me to apply for a scholorship. Besides, I've never done too well in classroom settings.

  8. well, in my biook you have definately succeded, they missed the boat.. humm no pun intended.. :)

  9. Well, for sure, success is a very relative thing...

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  11. Hmmm...not quite sure what to make of that...


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