Monday, February 15, 2010

Window on Eggemoggin: Done

One of the details I really like on this is the hook at the bottom.
Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to paint next...


  1. Bridget - your painting is phenomenal! I'm just blown away with your work in general and, of course, I'm partial to this one. Beautifully done!

    -Doug (the photographer)

  2. Doug! I'm so glad you approve :)*me blushing*

    Thank you so much for being a so accommodating. I've been eyeing some of your other work...

  3. If you have read between the lines in my posts, you will recognize that I literally grew up "In the woods". Wood is magical. How you brought that out in the wooden shingles, I havent a clue. The attention to such detail is intriguing as well as delightful.

  4. Glen,
    I love the challenge of painting textures, and wood is not only beautiful to look at, but is wonderfully tactile, which of course, you, who grew up ‘in the woods’ know. I’m so pleased that my rendition of it delights you!

    I always look forward to your kind comments, Glen, —they’re a real boost to this insecure and angsty artist. Thank you 

  5. Okay, so I've decided that when I get a house, which might not be for years down the road, I'm going to buy some of your work. I absolutely LOVE this piece. I love the ocean, I love the colors you have in this, the feeling it conveys. Thank you for sharing our work with us!

  6. Thanks Michelle! I love the ocean, too, and miss it a lot. I’m looking forward to doing more paintings with a nautical theme—that way, if I have to do my own cover design for Story for a Shipwright, I’ll have something to work with…

  7. I'm impressed Bridget, yet not surprised.
    Kudos to Doug for appreciating your talent. And may I one day be in a position to purchase one of your amazing creations...

    In the mean time, I don't suppose you have any contests coming up... (in which I would totally supplicate myself for a chance to win one of your masterpieces) ...

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog and am amazed at how talented you are. I love the way your share your process and thoughts too.

  9. Deb, thanks! I don't really know how to respond to such enthusiasm--I'm short on wit, but at least I have my irony...

    Hmmm...a contest?, I could have followers enter their self-portrait...

  10. Jill, I'm glad you stumbled in-- I'm still trying to figure out how a children's history buff meandered over here! :)

    Good timing, actually, 'cause if you did that a month ago, there wouldn't have been much going on...

    ...stay tuned for another portrait in progress...


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