Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Unsupervised Blog

I know it appears as though I have abandoned this blog—I haven’t, not really. Okay, well, maybe I’ve neglected it a bit. The truth is, I haven’t done a whole lot of painting these days, but I have been working on art projects. I simply haven’t had the time drive to post about it. So rather than leave my poor blog completely unsupervised, I thought I’d post a little about what I have done.

As you may know, I also do some writing. In fact, I plan to publish my second novel sometime this spring. Because I am self-publishing this one, I have a whole lot more liberty regarding the interior content, that is, interior art. While hoping I don’t push the boundaries of adult fiction into the juvenile, I can’t resist adding some black and white line-art. To facilitate this—and because I love gadgets—I bought a Wacom Bamboo tablet and stylus to supplement my art supplies. I haven’t really gotten the knack of anything elaborate yet, but black and white line art seems a good way to learn how to use the device. Here are a few samples of what may turn up in Spilled Coffee, a novel about coming of age...again...