Friday, May 18, 2012

A New J.B.Chicoine Header Underway

I had every intention of posting my progress incrementally, but—well…I simply wasn’t feeling real enthused about this project. Aside from my ultimate goal—designing a new homepage for—the need for which is pretty darn exciting (adding Novelist to Artist), the process causes me great anxiety. I guess that’s what sucked some of the enthusiasm out of painting. Aside from that, when I set my Reading & Writing watercolor beside it for reference, the favored painting taunted me. How could I produce anything that would not wither beside it? And this new painting is supposed to represent my art side of the Website! Okay, yeah, I allowed my negativity (and funner* graphics projects—more on that another time) to get in the way and stall my progress.

Yesterday, I finally sat down and forced myself to finish it. Overall, I’m please with the result—it’s not as dramatic as its sibling, but how can ‘blank’ compete with all that dramatic black? (see previous post). Just the same, it has a nice light and airy feel to it.

Here is an idea I had for making the transition between the two images (it was my husband’s idea to chop off my bottom). I really like the concept of having an image of the painter/writer in the heading, except the face belongs to me. Ha! Having ‘me’ so prominent makes me squirm a bit, but objectively, I really like the composition—I like all the juxtaposed angles.
Now, I have to pick a day when I’m feeling really fresh and in control and patient, and dive back into the software program I used to design my Website in the first place, and relearn it. I am not looking forward to that. I need a new chant…  I will not have a meltdown…” (that sounds too negative) …I can do it!...I can do it!...”

* although MS Word says “funner” is not a word, Merriam-Webster’s Multi-Reference Dictionary says it is.