Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No, I Haven't Forgotten How to Paint!

I know, we all thought I'd given up on painting! I haven't--I've just been preoccupied with editing my novel (yay, UNCHARTED is going to be published in October 2012). Anyway, I've been looking at a painting* I found online of a young woman who looks exactly the way I imagine Marlena from the story. As you all know, I need an image to work from and so I thought I'd try my hand at a watercolor interpretation of Pascal Gentil's painting* that portrays my Marlena so well. Normally, I post my progress as I go, but this time I was feeling rather insecure about pulling it off, so I finished it first. I'm still going to post it incrementally, but if you can't stand waiting a few days, you can get a sneak preview over at my writing blog. Next week, I'll post Gentil's oil painting.*
For now, here's the  wash. (I would have included the sketch as usual, but it turned out too light.)

* Edited to say that I just found Pascal Gentil's Photography Website only to discover his "painting" is in fact a digitally enhanced photograph, which takes a great deal of talent and in no way diminishes my esteem of his work. Oh my, how I'd love to paint many of his subjects! And in a way, it makes me feel all the better about my work.


  1. She looks kind of pale and doesn't seem to be wearing a blouse. I kinda' like her already.

    I am back trying to get my bearings after weeks of scurrying everywhere but where I should be. And what a better reintroduction to where-I-should-be then right here watching your amazing art come to life.

    Now onward.

  2. Yeah, she's pretty pale alright! and to tell the truth, Marlena didn't wear a blouse until she was 19. Now you're going to have to read the novel!
    Welcome back, by the way!


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