Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy—If I Must

I just received an auspicious award from Deb, at Ranch Girl Ramblings—auspicious, because Deb knows I’m in a slump, and hey, it’s always good to force oneself to think happy thoughts. Therefore, I scraped together 10 things that make me happy:
1) Dark chocolate along with a glass of pinot noir
2) Warm weather
3) A hot Toddie on a cold winter night
4) Actually feeling the alteration in my brain chemistry when I’m creative
5) Discovering new music
6) I can’t wipe the smile off my face everytime I hear the song Start Wearing Purple
7) Friday nights with a hot Toddie
8) Tossing pizzas with a hot Toddie
9) Sailing
10) Pretty much anything with a hot Toddie

According to the rules, I must pass the award to another ten worthy bloggers*, so here they are…

1) Scott Daniel at 275 Words (because you set precedence by accepting an other award)
2) Bane of Anubis at Bane's Blogging Blues, even though I know he already got one
3) Liza Carens Salerno at Middle Passages
4) Back at Deb at Ranch Girl Ramblings (because I can, and there are no bloggy police)
5) Julie Doa at Silver Lining
6) Tricia O’Brien at Talespinning
7) Michelle at The Innocent Flower, because I miss her
8) The ever so insightful, Susan Mills at A Walk in My Shoes
9) Mary Jo Rhodes at her other name blog, Matilda Mcloud
10) Laura Martone at Getting Hollow Souls Out There while hanging out in the Keys

*as usual, I absolve all recipients of any obligation to follow the rules.


  1. Awesome list, you've got a nice theme going on there :) Here's to happy times! And thanks for passing the happy back!

  2. It probably shows a recalcitrant lack of imagination—but it is January, after all. And thanks for passing the award on to me—really :)

  3. I've never been over here before. Honestly, I didn't know it existed. I'm glad you pointed us in this direction. Otherwise, I would have had no idea that I received such a lovely award from you. Thanks!

  4. Susan,
    I'm glad you stumbled over. I guess only the brave ones will get thier Happy Award!
    Not that you've been here, you see my other source of frustration...

  5. ...hate that we can't edit...
    NOW that you've been here...

  6. Hi

    Just discovered this award--thanks! I like your list! Your watercolors are gorgeous. I like your sailing watercolor (my father was a yacht designer).

  7. I know it was a tricky way to deliver it. (January seems to incline me toward finding amusement at other’s expense.)

    Your dad designed yachts? How cool is that?
    BTW, the guy in the painting is my Todd-ie :)

  8. Look up some music by the Avett Brothers, in particulary I and Love and You and anything from that CD.

    It is hard to muster up a little happiness in mid-January in Michigan when you almost live in Arenac county.

  9. Thanks Errika, I'll give it a listen!

  10. I totally missed this! Thank you, sweetie, for the award. *HUGS*

  11. Michelle,
    didn't want to obligate you...figured you'd wander in eventually :)


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