Sunday, February 6, 2011

Eggs, Linen & Glass: Step 6

Okay, I'm just posting this so I can see that I have progressed...besides, I never pomised this would be exciting...


  1. ,,,but it is,,, to see it come alive

  2. Thank you Glenn, for being positive as always. I know you do see it :)

  3. Hi there JB!....."I" am not "eggsactly" certain... but... Me thinks I feel a bit of Wyeth in this one!

    No criticism intended... a compliment rather! I really still look up to Andrew's mastery with the medium! This has a similar effect on "Me".

    Glad that "You" are having fun with the piece. Isn't that what it is all about?

    ".... leadeth me beside still waters"...EH?

    Alovely piece! Good luck with the rest of it!

    Good Painting and writing!
    Warmest regards,

  4. Thanks Bruce! I've always admired Wyeth's work and take that as a heart warming compliment :)

    I am having fun with it. I love getting lost in the details...

    ("eggsactly"? hehehehe...)

    ...and thanks for coming by :)

  5. I like how the painting has become darker which to me makes it warmer and more comforting. Was that black area to the right there in the previous incarnation? I can't flip back. (Don't answer, I will find out in a moment.)

    I think this is tremendously exciting.

  6. I'll let you answer the question about the black yourself, 'cause I'm not entirely certain of which you speak...

    I'm so glad you're finding this exciting :)!!!


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