Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Little Better...But Not Much

Here's the next phase. I know--it doesn't look  a whole lot better, does it. Not to worry, just keep adding layers and try not to overwork it (yeah, telling myself to 'not overwork' it is kinda pointless.)

She's looking very ethnic at this point, and she is half Venezuelan, but she's fairer skinned than she appears here. All fixable.


  1. I'm enjoying the transformation happen before my eyes. I love the stages a piece of art goes through before it's finished. I never know when my paintings are finished. (And no, I'm never posting any of them. They're awful, trust me.)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Charlie! Normally, I post as I go along, but this one I really wasn't sure about--okay, just call me chicken! I waited till I knew it would be a keeper.

    Even now when I look at it (the completed portrait), I see places where I could mess with it a little more. It's so hard to know when it's really, really done--sort of like with writing. I always feel as if something could be tweaked, but probably no one else would notice, so I resist the urge and move on.

    Thanks again for stopping by! :)

  3. Lovely painting. I really like the texture in this one. Thank you for sharing your process. If I had your courage, I'd jump back into the joy/agony of painting. (It's a lot like childbirth!)

  4. Thanks Sharon! She'll get a whole lot better! (normally, I can't say that with such conviction, but this time I have the finished painting on my desktop!

    And you are so right--painting is a lot like giving birth, except if a child doesn't turn out the way you want, you can't hack it to bits or hide it in a drawer, lol--well, at least not without repercussions!


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