Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Messin' Around

Yes, this is another cross over blog post. I just thought I'd try out a cover design, for the fun of it. Okay—to be honest, I have no other project I'm working on right now, so this is purely a dilatory maneuver. Besides, I wanted something more visually stimulating than my last post to be the first thing new visitors see!

Yes, I know, I know—just start typing or pick up the paintbrush…


  1. you know what I think. (statement),,You know what I think? (question), This book can be judged by its cover. (answer)

  2. Set sail. I'm ready for the voyage. You go, girl!

  3. Aweeeesoooommme!

    That painting is so lovely. You've done and excellent job, and I hope I get to read the book someday!

  4. Glenn, Sharon, & Michelle: I do appreciate your kind words. I hope you all get to read it someday.

  5. Bane, I actually want to try something even more superiorly awesomer, but it may take a while...


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