Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Stonington, Sunday Morning"

It’s time to post the image from which I’m working ! It’s called stonington, sunday morning, photographed by Doug Wood.
If you look closely, you'll notice that I condensed the upper and lower foreground (sky and water), cropped the left side, lightened the boathouse and eliminated some objects which I found confusing or crowded. This takes into consideration future prospects for this project as a possible book cover.
I continue to make slow but steady progress, giving my 5/0 brush a real workout; poor thing will probably have but a sprig or two of its sable hairs left, when I’m done…

...and for the record, yesterday's colors are a better representation...


  1. been driving all day,, such a treat to sit and see..

  2. I like yours better. The original is gloomy.

  3. Have fun Bridget - look's like a lot of fine detail in this piece.

  4. Glenn, glad to give you something besides the road to look at!

    Robin, I'm glad you like my interpretation...I wish I could convey the muted tones of the photograph--I love the atmosphere he captured, and it's what attracted me to the image in the first place.

    ...and as you've noted Deb, there is a lot of fine detail (oh, my aging eyes) that I feel compelled to render; it tends to give a more 'crisp' look to the overall image, but I can't help myself...


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