Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spring Orchard: The Wash

Here’s the wash—as usual, it’s not much to look at but does provide a color scheme.

Also, it’s at this point that I actually feel committed to a project. (Of course, if you could see my small stack of unfinished paintings, you’d realize that a wash does not always guarantee that I will finish it—however, with this one, I have a little more motivation.)


  1. Yeah, Glenn--I think there's a pretty good chance I will; you are one person I can't bear to disappoint...

  2. Oh, it's beautiful! I'm just waiting on the edge of my chair, you know! :D

    You'd better finish this!

    Ahem. No pressure. Really.

    Ahem. ;)

  3. pressure at all, Michelle! ;)

    Actually, I'm going downstairs to work on it now, so I'll at least have another phase to post tomorrow...:)


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