Friday, July 23, 2010

Spring Orchard: Phase 4

Okay, it may not look as if I made much progress—that’s why I’m posting the photo from which I’m working, along with the next phase. (Thank you Michelle Davidson Argyle, photographer and author, for permission!)

One of the things I love about this image is the incongruity of so much refinement amidst the overgrowth of spring; repose in tall grass and dandelions-gone-to-seed. Of course, that the subject is no doubt pondering something she's just read, piques my writerly side…

I’ve decided to portray the orchard background as I see it in the photo, since the focal point is the female subject, rather than the setting—despite the title I’ve given it. By the way, this painting is 7 ½” by 10”


  1. I wish I could paint. I enjoy watching your talent come to life Bridget.

  2. Thank you, Liza. I'm blushing...

  3. Wow! I swear it's going to look even better than the original. It's going to be really awesome! Hurry, hurry, hurry!

    Haha, no pressure. I'm know how much time this kind of thing takes. Now I'm off to go do the billion things real life demands. Sigh.

  4. Michelle: I'm having fun with it, though I'm up to the part where it goes slower--all that grass, and I haven't even started the brocade! :)

    Glenn: You're nice!

  5. I am always amazed. I should just expect it by now, but it still takes me by surprise! Just wow!

  6. Robin, thanks! It always takes me by surprise that anyone pays much attention...I appreciate it...:)


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