Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More on the Face

Okay, I’m not going to whine this time; I’m just going to post it…
I will say this much—I’m scared of giving her raccoon eyes…


  1. That is just gorgeous! I've been meaning to ask you - do do commissioned pieces? Not that I have the money right now, but your style is exactly what I see the cover of my novel, MONARCH, as. I'm drooling just thinking about what your amazing talent could produce.

  2. Wow, Michelle, what a compliment! Thank you (believe it or not, such positive feedback is actually motivating).

    According to my Website, I do commissioned portraits (and I suppose that implies non-portraits as well, although I haven’t done one as yet). To tell you the truth, just the thought of it freaks me out a little—okay, a lot. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and think, ‘…you really need to delete that from your Website—what if someone actually takes you seriously! EEeek!’

    I guess I haven’t reneged because, well, I don’t think it’d be good for my self-esteem, and quite frankly, even though I designed the Website, I’ll be darned if I can remember how to alter it. I suppose I’ll have to brush up on my Web-Master skills if—I mean when—I finish this painting…

  3. Well I hope that if all the circumstances align themselves that you'll be open to maybe doing something for me. I'd be thrilled. :)

  4. raccoon eyes,, umm nope, sorry that didn't come to mind, but I felt another thought zoom through my mind:
    A short story about an old broke down Texan being trapped by a developing protrait of a stranger, kinda like a reverse Dorain Gray..lol,, kind of a stretch,, but the portait is "right on".

  5. maybe I watched too many "night Gallery" episodes while I was growing up. Seriously the painting is "amazing".

  6. Ha, Glen, that's funny!
    I have a seed of an idea for my next novel about an artist, and a man who obsesses over her self-portrait...no, seriously...:)


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