Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At Least I Haven't Quit

Well, I’ve made some progress. I had forgotten how many different colors go into adding depth to flesh tones. Sure, it’s easy to see vermillion, but ultramarine? I know blue tones belong there, but it always make me want to hold my breath.

Todd always reminds me ‘Don’t over work it,’ to which I reply, ‘As if! You're not the boss of my painting.’ If I’m going to worry about that, I may as well abandon it right now. Someday when I’m a real, grownup artist, I'll learn how not to do that overworking thing…and then I can apply the principle to writing while I'm at it.
Perhaps soon I'll be brave enough to post the photo I'm working from—we'll see how it goes.


  1. I like the progess..and thanks for giving me an idea for my post at "Differences..." today. Your number five on "happy list", discovering new music. You may have already heard of the song writer in my blog..interesting fellow.

  2. Is the subject someone I know?

    You need to get down to Holly so you can see the Wall O Bridget. I definitely covet the painting of Lake Huron. You've got that talent thing going for you that I can only shake my head in wonderment at.

    We should get together and make soap. But not soap out of human fat.

  3. Just checked it out, Glen.
    Thanks for sharing that. Kinda cool when you recognize a song, but never knew who wrote it.

  4. Gosh, Errika, I sure miss you...

    As if--on the human fat thing!

  5. Errika...and I don't think you ever met Susie; I think you left KC before she arrived.


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