Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cool Grass, Step 6:

Today, I’m posting the photo from which I’m working. I changed my subject’s angle—compositionally, I like it better. Also, with the photo, I found myself cocking my head in order to get a better look at her.
She has a nose, once again, it will look even better once I can add a white glaze and highlights—which I tend to reserve for the final phase of the painting. The reason to hold off on white is that any color you add after that becomes milky, due to the heavy pigment—not good. Here’s something that you may or may not find interesting: The traditional watercolorist does not use white. They rely on areas left unpainted to serve as highlights, which is fine, however the whitest white one can achieve is only as light as the paper, which in most definitely not white.


  1. wow--I love the colors and the composition...

  2. I think it's absolutely amazing how you've made it look just like her - how you do that with ALL of your subjects. I'm so impressed!

  3. Hmmm, I just paint what I see...


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