Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something Old! and—well, more exciting than …

Okay, I’m really tired of having no recently completed paintings to post. This blog is truly a disgrace, and, I have to say, a bit demoralizing. Therefore, in the interest of preserving a modicum of dignity, I am shamelessly posting one of my favorite works. Never mind about how long ago I completed it…

It's Called: Deb's Kitchen


  1. I actually love this painting, and I think you truly captured that moment in time. All the different textures and patterns, glass, glossy surfaces, this is something to be very proud of. Keep digging those paintings out, Im enjoying it!

  2. I agree with the above commenter - this painting is absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the reflections in the teakettle. And, though I realize that you're frustrated with your painting progress right now, I think you already have an impressive body of work, if this blog is any indication, which is why I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award! (wink, wink)

  3. One of the things I like best about this painting is the egg. You can't see it so much on this picture, but on the origingal there's the coolest bit of back lighting that reflects up and under the left end of the egg.
    And I really like the egg beater, too.


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