Friday, August 21, 2009

Deviant Bees

This is a series I worked on immediately after all that cut glass. A reprieve from tedium, in a way. It is unlike all my other work, in that I exercised a fair bit of imagination from that otherly side of my brain. They are not fairies; they are Bumble Bá Bees, another thing entirely.
What I really like about them is that each one is dismantling flowers—deviant little bees!


  1. I love these - they're so whimsical - and the the Ba Bees are so chubby! But the third one is really scary. With the double chin, the bared teeth, and the tossed-back head, that Ba Bee very much resembles a creature from The X Files. I'm just sayin'.

  2. My 3-yr-oldgrand daughter calls that one the 'bad bee'.

  3. Wait a sec! You have a granddaughter? Too cool!

    Ah, the things you learn in the blogosphere...

  4. Oh, did I actually let that slip out?
    Well, you know what that means...

  5. You have kids! You have kids! Too cool. I just have a kitty... though she's a very cute kitty.


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