Monday, August 17, 2009

Fried Synapses

I love—used to love—painting glass. This project may have cured me of that obsession. It is only 9 ½” x 7”, the typically small size I like—used to like—to work with. All those little facets of cut glass seemed like a good idea when I chose that bowl from among my Grandma Bee’s treasures. It is not the last painting I completed, but I think the intensity of it shorted out some of my creative synapses.

It's called Amber & Cut Glass


  1. Though I can understand why the details on such a small painting would make you crazy, I love the result. You truly are a gifted painter, Bridget. I hope that your Muse visits soon...

  2. Honestly Laura, I don't consider myself gifted. I feel more like a precise copyist; a technician, of sorts. I just paint exactly what I see. My work leaves very little for interpretation. I think people tend to like it because it is, for the most part, realistic. There’s a certain intrigue with that, especially given the usually loose style of many watercolorists.
    But as for sparking the imagination, my work really falls short.

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  4. Bridget, while I'm proud of your hyperlinking skills, I am dismayed to hear such self-critical talk. Apparently, you don't realize just how difficult painting still lifes can be. I, for one, am a terrible painter and would give (almost) anything to be able to paint the world as you do. Frankly, I'd take one of your watercolors any day over some of the contemporary nonsense I see in many art museums these days. An all-green canvas at the Art Institute of Chicago sold for thousands and thousands of dollars... are you freakin' kidding me?

    Seriously, no joke, no disingenuous buttering up here... you ARE a very talented painter - and writer - and you should feel very proud of your skills. And a painting like this actually does fire up my imagination! So there - phlbbt!

  5. I really wasn't fishing for complements, Laura, but thanks. I guess the writer and introspecter (new word) in me gets hung up on semantics, you know like “gifted” and “best”. Maybe I’ll write a post on why I don’t consider myself gifted. But then everyone (my 4 followers) will think I’m being all pathetic and short on self-esteem. I’m not. Okay, maybe I am just a little, every once in a while, but I think I’m just being realistic…blah, blah, blah.

    So what is ‘phlbbt’? Is that one of Google’s word verifications? Or are you giving me a raspberry.

  6. I was, in fact, trying to give you a raspberry. Isn't that how it's written? That's how I once saw it in a Sunday comic... can't remember which one now. CALVIN & HOBBES, maybe?


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