Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Header Design for My Writing Blog

Okay, so I thought it would take me a few days, but I went ahead and got busy on it…
This is what I’ve come up with as the new header for my writing blog.

Now to apply it and change the background and fonts and colors too (to the blog itself—not the header)—could take another day…maybe not that long….

...and of course, I couldn't resist putting my Story for a Shipwright for the book title...


  1. Of course you should put your Story for a Shipwright in there...even though it is a crass display of self promotion.

    It could be that I am a tad jealous....artist, author...probably a trapeze artist and juggler in your spare time.

    Of course, I love it....and had to search hard for something to criticize.

    I am so happy that you are back.

  2. Okay, Jerry, I really don't care for the word 'crass'--it sounds so harsh. I much prefer shameless!

    If it makes you feel any better, I am a complete spaz, in fact, I have been banned from line dancing--too many injuries (you know, to others)

    ...and thanks for your encouragement while I was away :)

  3. It's amazing! Your detail and play of light and shadow are marvelous!

  4. Lydia--thanks for your kind words. I love playing with shadows and light! It was a fun project.

  5. Hey, I'm really impressed with your work!

  6. Gosh, Catherine, Thanks :)
    If I end up going the way of self-publishing, I think my art will come in handy...

  7. What's this -- are you once a month painting kind of painter? Run out of subjects? Need inspiration? Or....just keeping us on the edge of our seats in anticipation?

  8. I'm stuck in a January rut and I can't seem to pull myself out. Yes--need inspiration...need warmer weather, or a least weather out of the single digits...need some scalloped potatoes...

  9. NUDES!??! In January?!!? Easy for you to suggest down there in Texas!
    Too cold up here! Just makes me shiver!

  10. I have just been poking around your art website and I'm very impressed!!! Waiting, Spring Orchard, Vincent Fishing and Bike Ride are my favorites.

  11. Oh my goodness, Charlie...you've really covered some ground! That's so sweet of you, to share your kind thoughts--thanks.

    I have to say I'm partial to each one of those paintings for different reasons. I struggle with each one and I'm always amazed, not only when I finish one, but that I actually painted it...it's a weird feeling, to be so attached and yet detached at the same time...


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