Friday, October 1, 2010

Toy Boat Started

Here’s the first stage—the drawing of Toy Boat (yet another imaginative name). It has a simple color scheme, and lots of opportunity for repetitive motifs, but not like grass (yes, I'm tired of grass). I feel fairly confident painting reflective water, since I’ve done it herehere, and I particularly like it here. The trick is to convey the boat's ‘Toyness’—hopefully, the scale of it compared to the ripples of the water will help…


  1. Well, that remains to be seen Glenn, but I already feel better about this project than the last! Thanks for your vote of confidence...I know I can always count on that :) :)

  2. As you probably know from my photos...I LOVE reflective water! I am thrilled to have this to look foward to!

  3. me too, Liza! I'm already enjoying it 10x more than my last project :)!

  4. I always had a youthful scheme to the city park pond where everyone sails their toy and remote controlled boats and take a remote controlled submarine and.....

    Actually, just wanted to scare people....have a submarine pop out of the water right next to a boat and aim the gun at the boat and poof....smoke shoots out of the gun.

    And this has nothing to do with your, actually it does. Your sketch evoked a memory from when I was 18 years ago. So you can name your toy boat, 'The Memory Evoker'.

  5. Jerry...okay, if this had been your first comment on my blog I might feel a little threatened, but I know better--You simply have a big imagination (a boy imagination, that is)

    Ironically, The Memory Evoker would be a fitting name for the boat, as that is the role it plays in my short story, Four Words! Good call!


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