Thursday, September 30, 2010

Next Project!

Okay, I’m posting this just so you all won’t think I’m plummeting into the depths of despair over my last project. I’m actually taking the mishap a whole lot better than I would have expected, which is wonderful progress at keeping perfectionism from defeating me. But mostly, I just want to say that I found a new project.

You may have noticed on my writing blog that I’ve somehow managed to secure a place in the Notes From Underground anthology, over at The Literary Lab. If I don’t use up all my 10 pages with words, I can include a bit of artwork. It would have to be black and white, but a watercolor painting will be easy enough to convert to an 8-bit gray scale. Actually, black and white will work well, since I want it to resemble a black and white photo—which means I will be shooting for ultra-realism. Why not use a black and white photo, you ask? Well, first, I don’t have one I can put my name to, and I have found the perfect photo to work from. Yes, it’s sort of a backward way to go about it, and well…I have no defense there…except I think it's supposed to be my work in the anthology.

I will post the photo and credits once I have progressed a bit… also occurs to me that since this will eventually be converted to B&W, it should teach me something about the reverse process, which I would really like to master...


  1. Sounds like fun! Now, you are sure that pen didn't explode "accidentally on purpose?"

  2. Oh, Liza, I would never 'intentionally' sabotage a project, but the subconscious, on the other hand, can be a treacherous mechanism...

  3. What? You are not in cutting off an ear or anything?


    Look forward to seeing more and now I have to find this writing blog thing.

  4. If this had happened during one of my ‘lows’, I might have worked up a little more froth, but I like all my appendages far too much to lop anything off…

    …and I can tell from my little Stats thingy (thanks to your post) that you probably found my writing blog

  5. ...hehehe, Michelle--and until December, you will be the only one who knows how a toy sailboat ties into Four Words...(well, you and Davin and Scott)


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