Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Haying Abandoned

I hadn’t intended to introduce a UFO into this project, but my indelible black ink pen exploded. And just when I was beginning to think it might turn out okay...I suppose it does give the boy something to look at...

Oh well—off to the abandoned projects file with it…


  1. Maybe you could consider it a reprieve from the fates? Somehow, it didn't seem to be fun for you any more. I must say, though, the little guy on the right seems quite intrigued by the UFO. Guess he'll spend eternity wondering what the heck it is.

  2. Sharon, I have to admit that I wasn't as devastated as if it had happened to a different project--I actually had myself a good laugh and figured, 'Well...I guess this is one project I don't have to torment myself over any longer!' Yes, a reprieve indeed!

  3. Somehow I knew you'd say that, Glenn :)

  4. I like the UFO. I figure a painting is supposed to tell a story...present something to discuss and ponder. It leaves a haunting question. What is it that the little boy is looking at?

    I do like this painting.

  5. Jerry, Maybe I ought to get into Writing Sci-Fi!

    Liza, Perhaps it was just a Freudian slip...

  6. I still love the painting. I hope you know that. I'm really, really upset with your stupid pen!!!!!!!!!!! Because I love that painting! This must be frustrating for you...or a relief? I know you had issues with this even before this.

  7. Michelle, I think it’s good for my perfectionism to learn how to simply let something go and admit that even though it is a waste of perfectly good paper, it's not a complete loss.

    If I were going to do it over again, I learned what I wouldn't do, and how I might better proceed with a similar project (like invest in the proper ink designed for my pen so it won't clog--and get some new brown ink instead of that 20 yr old stuff!)

  8. That's a shame; the piece was really starting to come together. Though, with a little work, you might be able to turn that UFO into the head of a goose, who's sitting on top of the bale of hay the harvester is carrying. Honestly, I don't know why you werent' putting a goose in there to begin with.

    (Yeah, next time I'll just keep my ideas to myself.)

    Glad you could learn from the experience, though! Best of luck with exploding pens in the future.

  9. Nate, I was thinking that I could make it an attack crow, just for a bit of deviance.
    Actually, I scraped and gouged most of the splotch off, so now it looks like a wormhole (you know, like the sci-fi ones that go to another dimension)...


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