Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reading & Writing: Progress

I’ve been trying to pick away at this a little everyday for the past week or so, some days with more success than others. I’ve been insanely busy, getting ready for a big trip out east* and this has plummeted to a low priority.


The open page looks a bit muckier than the actual painting—not that you noticed... And, in posting it, I can see that I made more progress than I thought (which is another good reason to post these sequences!) At any rate, just so you won’t think I’ve dropped off the deep end, here’s a little update and a happy picture of where I’ll be spending the next little while!

I think I’ll take my paints with me—maybe I’ll have it finished for when I get back…

 * to the land of limited internet access and semi-self-imposed break from blogging.